How far can Virtual Reality take “experience” in Digital Meetings?

There are two aspects on which a technology has to prove itself. First is how advance its features and functions are to change the future of the way things done in the domain and second is how socially acceptable those “features and functions” are. Time has proved that even top companies have failed to convince people to buy the latest of technology because the “ways of doing things” through that technology does not provide good experience.

One such example is an E-book reader. Calling it a big fail won’t be right, but the product has definitely not matched the hype created by its producers. The technology is really useful: it allows the users to load as many books; it is easy to carry; it is easily searchable. But still it has not been able to create the impact among masses. The reason is simple. Its benefits cannot overtake the experience of reading a real book; turning pages, the cover and smell of a book; that’s the experience of book reading, which makes the activity a joyful experience.

How Virtual Reality is Focusing on Experience

Considering VR in the context with “experience”, it has successfully covered two senses that are important to experience: sound and sight. The professional meetings can be efficiently conducted, but only these two senses cannot improve the “social experience”. In the line, how far Virtual Reality can take this “social experience”. For an example, we want to talk to our friends. You connected the call. Then we wanted to see them. You connected the video. Next, we wanted to touch them. Is it possible? We wanted to share their experience of sitting in a much colder country than ours. Or we wanted to make them feel how hot it is in our region. Together, we wanted to share the smell of the good food or enjoy the breeze of fresh air. We can’t do that.

Definitely, we are asking too much from the VR technology, but that is because we have such expectations. And that’s really not bad.

Where Virtual Reality is Meeting Expectations

The story of Virtual Reality is not all about limitations rather how slow and steady can at-least be in the race, for a while. Certainly, VR has not lost all grounds. There are several industries in which VR has made the greatest impact and has improved the experience to the huge extent.

Gaming Industry: VR helps gaming applications develop a computer environment that provides life-like experience to the users. VR has proved a disruptive technology in this domain. VR input devices and accessories improve the gaming experience. Also, consumers of this industry are not minding to the latest technology to experience captivating audio and graphical effects in a life-like manner. According to a report, hardware segment accounts for almost 60% of revenue share in the global virtual reality in the gaming market, 2015.   

E-learning Industry: The rise of online tutorial videos on numerous portals and sites are evidence that how much learning and development industry has gained from the VR technology. The applicability and usage are practical and not hyped. It enables the learners to attend sessions from any corner of the world, and the same capability it provides to the tutors. The limitation of “experience” does not bother too much to both the parties as the two main senses sound and sight for communication have been efficiently covered by the VR. And the result is outstanding.

Going beyond Sound and Sight  

The list of VR success does not end here. It goes on and certainly gaining ground with top notch companies like Facebook and Google investing in VR technology. The social media site knows that moments in life need physical experiences. Valuing this, it has engaged itself in developing Facebook Spaces, which is a gateway to the virtual world. In here, a user can experience the same as the other user, explore things together, feel the same, and enjoy things together. Another project on the similar lines have been launched by Google with the name of Google Daydream.

Facebook’s interest in the VR technology can give a new lease of life while adding more value to it. As we know how the company has successfully changed the way of communication, highly acceptable in social corners, and led to an incredible experience. Though we know the said improved devices are not handy for the users anytime soon.


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