Facebook Spaces: The New Platform to Communication with Feelings

When it comes to “experience”, Facebook’s accomplishments are truly commendable, from idea to interface; every feature of the social networking site is about giving addictive experience to its users. The way it has introduced the digital transformation in communication; in the manner, it has embraced innovations while adapting to the business environment shows the vision of the company’s leaders. From introducing popular “like” button to adding “emojis” in the reaction list, and from personal account to page, this site has completely mastered in giving what modern users want. And the result is amazing user-experience, sometime to the level of addiction. Sadly though!

Teleporting is awesome

Coming to its latest attempt in Virtual Reality technology, the company has recently announced a major step in taking VR technology to the next level of experience: feeling. In the F8 developer conference, the company introduced Facebook Spaces, a social virtual reality platform, using which a user can teleport himself to a virtual world, and hang out with their friends (in their avatar forms) to share the same experiences.

How it Works

Facebook bought Oculus in 2014. And now, after almost three years, company, with these recent announcements in F8, it has once again proved that it has no plans to sit with a technology, rather keep moving ahead with visionary plans and great ideas. Facebook Spaces is indeed a great idea! Facebook ubiquity in our daily life is a well-known thing, now with new VR app, two people can do the same thing, explore a site, play games, watch movies, hang around, show off your new apartment, host a party, or whatever—together with the same experience.

The idea is simple, but the technology is unique. The idea is to spend time together with friends, do something together. Facebook has just created the place and has developed possible technology required to reach the place. It is making devices and places both. So technically, it will create an interactive virtual environment where you are with your real friends in a virtual place.   

Facebook Spaces for Businesses

Just like the Facebook, it is also beneficial for businesses. Using the VR app, interactive business meetings can be launched with employees from any part of the globe. With the Facebook Spaces, marketing companies also get another platform to engage with users in an interesting way.    

The idea looks workable and so expectations are high among users. If it doesn’t work, Facebook has other options too—brain typing system and skin-hearing product, though not in VR.


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